City Studios

City Studios was established in September 1995 as an extension of the Barbican Arts Group Trust’s studio provision. Five artists came together to form the studios. Three of them; Magnus Irvin, Bobbie Fennick and John Sexton moved from the Trust’s existing studios in Hertford Road, London N1, and joined up with Ute Kreyman and Helen Boterill to establish a new space. Using their own labour and finances, supplemented with a small grant from the Barbican Arts Group Trust, they converted the space into functioning artists studios. After completion, City Studios was able to offer work space to four more artists.

City Studios now provides space for 25 artists and holds a 10 year lease on Units 2, 30a Borwick Avenue, Walthamstow, London E17 6RA where we will continue our policy to provide affordable studio space for artists and to maintain our artist group as a cohesive and creative unit.

City Studios receives no outside funding and is maintained entirely by it’s artist members.

Unit 2

30A Borwick Avenue



E17 6RA

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